About Us

We’re a small team with some big ideas about the role sport can play in making new friends, getting regular exercise, breaking down cultural barriers and building genuine connections.

Everything we do at Just Play starts with thinking about the experience of someone who wants to play but doesn’t have a team. What information do they want to know, how do we make it easy for them to find somewhere to play, do they need specific questions answered or some friendly encouragement?

We started out with some excel spreadsheets and an iPhone 5 and quickly established that if we wanted to provide a truly great experience we were going to need to do a fair bit more. 5+ years of ongoing development later and the result is a custom technology solution to provide our players with an experience we’re proud of and more importantly, that they tell us is great.

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Our mission.

Our mission is to improve people’s health and well-being by creating friendly and accessible sporting experiences. We want to make the process of playing sport simple, fun, and stress free

We think sport is perfect for creating positive relationships, getting active and having a fun social activity to look forward to each week. We don’t think you should need a whole team of 6 or 7 friends to get started 🏀 🏐 ⚽️ 🏆